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So, with winter coming, I am redoing my work space out in the yard. First of all, the blue tarp-which is practically a rag after two years- has been replaced with a heavier duty brown tarp that will blend in with the surroundings. The new tarp also provides more covered area and headroom. Tish is quite pleased with how well it blends in as we live a rental community that has some guidelines for property appearance that we have sorely abused lately. I’ll have to rake about a million leaves out of the yard also.
I will continue to work out there in spite of inclement weather. The people who used the implements I have acquired for my craft with would have continued just the same and I accept the conditions as part of the overall experience. Staying dry is the greatest necessity since dampness ruins tools and saps my strength as well as affecting the drying and curing of the wooden wares I will be making. I am hoping to participate in more craft show events so I will need to continue to produce things in the hope of selling them and supporting my endeavors.
I wish you good holidays and all the joys of the coming season.

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