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So, on May 16, we drove the extraordinary distance of about 2 1/2 miles to the Mennonite Central Christian School on West Denny’s Road for the 23rd Annual Mennonite Festival and Auction. Our hosts were very gracious not only in allowing me the extra space needed to set up the lathe also but in providing a generally relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the event.
We ate well, sold some stuff, and listened to a fine auction of donated things including a goat that was not good around children (apparently not a strong selling point) and some of the finest quilts I have ever seen all sold to raise money for the school. I spoke with a number of woodworkers who lived nearly as close to the school as I do who I probably never would have crossed paths with except for this event. As usual, there were a few who thought I was working too hard at what I was doing, so I offered to let them have a go at the treadle to see just how easily the whole thing worked. I even gave a short lesson on cutting on a lathe as the wood prefers to be cut to several fellows who didn’t think they were getting good use from their power lathes. I also explained the different levels of sharpness needed for each way of powering the lathe: very keen for greenwood pole turning and not so sharp for powered turning which needs only an 80 grit grind and deburring.
The auction continued as we packed up and left to go home.
The next day it rained half the day while I unpacked the truck, after which I had breakfast with my daughter and son-in-law. After eating, we went to get some free wood; pine pieces that had been cut earlier in the week. All in all a very good weekend.

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