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June Entry

So far in June, we have had 5 days of no rain. I have hardly touched my pole lathe as it is situated out in the open in the back yard. I have managed to carve a few kitchen utensils I preparation for craft shows later this Summer and Fall. As it is, even if there were shows now, I am dreadfully low on inventory which makes it a little rough go and demonstrate when there can be no income. I usually make enough money to cover expenses and a little extra. Mostly, I enjoy demonstrating greenwood craft and conversing with other woodworkers and people who have never seen such a thing as a pole lathe. Of course its nice to be appreciated for my efforts both verbally and monetarily.
I have had lots of offers of wood, a few requests for some sort of woodworking instruction, and several requests to make some rather unusual objects such as a muddler for use in making mint julep (it was the weekend of the Kentucky Derby) and from a fellow in a gambeson? ( a quilted garment worn under armor for increased comfort) and helmet, carrying a jousting lance which he took apart as one would a pool cue and asked if I could make the “handle” end.
Anyway, I’m still at it in my woodsy “shop” and hope to increase my skills as well as my inventory. Hope to see and be seen later this Summer.


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