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Almost Summer !

Well, I have certainly been slacking off as far as adding anything new to this site.  It was a rough Winter and I have been very busy trying to recover from it in order to have something (merchandise and such) to present at demonstration events.  Also, I had to build a new shave horse as the one I was using has finally fallen apart.  I’ll be posting pictures of the horse and my “new” lathe soon.

So, here’s what is new.  I have been to 5 events this Spring including 2 new events, Chautauqua in Camden Delaware on May 1 and Railroad Days on June 3, in Clayton Delaware.  Both were very well attended and I will be returning next year.  Locally, we are in the middle of our second heat wave of the year so I won’t be getting much done as far as green woodcraft this week.  My next event will be the Smyrna/Clayton 4th of July celebration at the Smyrna Municipal Park, also a new event for me.  As with Olde Dover Days, the crowd will be counted in thousands instead of hundreds.  Good thing I have a month to prepare as I have sold almost every thing I have made.

New Stuff:  A friend of mine had to cut down a sugar maple that was loosing a lot or branches so I have a good supply of wood for this Summer.  *I have managed to make two small plates on the lathe.  I am trying to develop the ability and tools to make up to 8″ plates and bowls to go with the carved plates I have been making.  *After looking at Drew Langsner’s Country Woodworking site, I have also started making cheese knife/spreaders.

Thanks for taking the time to view this site.  More later but sooner than I have been lately.


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