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On youtube?

My son-in-law has been learning how to use a new program so click here and you can see the results.


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OK, its a new year

yay!  Its been a slightly less interesting winter this year which basically means we didn’t get 24 inches of snow so far.  While I am not much for making new year’s resolutions, I am somewhat resolved to be mor active with this site.  That being said, the first thing I need to do is figure out how this thing works.  I am using the beggars-can’t-be-choosers version of woordpress and it doesn’t necessarilly work the way I think it does, but I’m learning.

As to learning, I have been doing a good bit of this lately with regard to my woodworking.  Things like behavior of materials, tool handling, aspects of design, and how to get 1600 sqare feet of stuff into 600 square of available area or to put it in short story form, make do with what you have.  In a way, this is a nice little opportunity to gain insight into the way our forefathers conducted their lives when they first settled here.  When I demonstrate the pole lathe, it allows me to talk about the satisfaction that comes from plain work and basic self-reliant production; of how the work-day was a function of sunlight rather than a time clock and the quality of work was worth more than what it cost to have it done.  This year I will be trying to put into not too many words what all this means.  Have a good one.

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