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Where to now?

Where to now
As I said earlier this year, I intend to try to capitalize more on my unusual woodworking talents this year and from now on.  The question is, “How?”  I used to think that attendance was an important factor, but the biggest event so far this year has given the least return.  This is mostly due to a transformation of theme from a heritage festival to a carnival.  Although there were more people, I made as little money as I ever have there.  Generally, those who are drawn to carnivals don’t spend money on the sort of thing I sell while those who would purchase my wares don’t usually go to carnivals.  Interestingly enough, the level of appreciation for what and how I do my work is pretty much the same for everyone.  On the other hand, one of the smaller events, a fund-raiser for a local private school, gave the biggest return this year to date.  I spoke to an art glass vendor at an event I was not participating in who avoids events that feature “kiddie rides and face painting.
So, as I continue to register for events, I am trying to be selective.  Theme and purpose are apparently more important than number of attendees.  Maybe.  Anyway, as I experiment with what may or may not work, and as the economy creeps back toward prosperity, some events will likely be replaced by other new venues.  I am even considering going over to Maryland, even with their quirky tax thing.  More research is definitely in order.  Stay tuned . . .


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