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This had been a rather trying spring/summer this year. I started off in the late winter wanting to be able to do more with my green woodworking and perhaps less with my “regular” handyman work. Things have not panned out as well as I had wished. Having devoted extra time to the green stuff in order to have more inventory to sell at events has put me behind economically. Also, the weather has been very hot so that, as I have tried to get caught up with my regular work, I have had to be somewhat cautious. I have been unable, for one reason or another, to attend several very desirable events. In any case, I have taken a philosophical stand: Its OK if I don’t always win, not OK if I don’t keep trying.
So, now that I am recovering from the heat and have finished a few well paying projects, I’m moving on again with a few new events I have been invited to: The Smyrna Farmers market (dates to be announced), the Kenton Ruritan tractor show/Kay’s Kamp benefit, Big Thursday on Sunday at the Bowers Beach Maritime Museum. The details are set out in the upcoming events tab at the top of this page.


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