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Heat and rain

We got a pretty good soaking rain in central Delaware last night as opposed to the deluge they got in Southern Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore. Fortunately, my shop is nice and dry and by the time I got there this morning the clouds had burned off and I had plenty of light from the windows to work by. The continuing Adventures in building cypress doors has been updated somewhat. Please, take a moment to see.


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Going North

Big doings tomorrow. We will be going to the Alapocas Run State Park for the first annual Paw Paw Festival at the Blue Ball Barn. No Really. This is very exciting. We’re being paid to participate, we get to sell stuff, and, as with AgDay at U of D in the spring, this will be a trip north and an expansion of exposure to a new venue and customers. This is all very important at this time as I am basically going broke keeping this show on the road so far this year. Many thanks to Barbara Woodford for giving us this opportunity.

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