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I went out on January 1st and finished working on this bow saw.  I made the parts about 6 weeks ago and have been allowing them to dry.  The frame is made from Osage orange and the tightener is made from yew.  Both are traditional bow making woods.  The blade end knobs are made from apple.  I will be adding this to my demonstration tool kit.



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Happy New Year

So, time moves along; marching, strolling, and crawling. Events have come and gone with more or less success. In the beginning of 2012, I had a notion to try to do more green woodworking and to try to make more of my income in that area (thus avoiding/replacing high ladder work).
As part of this program, I attended a lot more events in hopes of reaching a newer and expanded customer base. This had a varied outcome. We had 2 new events northern Delaware and were very well received at the Paw Paw Festival at Alapocas State Park as well as at Ag Day at the U of De. The 18th century Farmers Market on the Green in Dover was very successful. There are several events that have continued to be reliable in terms of character and attendance which we will go to again this year. Certain other events were handled poorly and turned out to be just too much trouble with not enough return for our time and effort. Although it is not completely about income, I cannot afford to use up resources again as I did this year. This in mind, I will not be attending some events I have been to for the last several years and I will be trying several new places, probably farther afield than I have been. Please look at the Upcoming Events tab at the top of the page for information.
One of my goals was to establish myself in a retail site where I did not need to be present. Ryan Grover, the curator at The Biggs Museum of American Art, in Dover, Delaware, responded almost immediately with an invitation to place my goods in the new Delaware By Hand retail gallery at the Biggs, for which I am very grateful. I will be following up at other retail venues which I could not take time for this year.
We do appreciate the support in word and deed that folks have shared with us and we look forward to seeing and talking with everyone again this year, as opportunity arises.

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