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Fork Shave Horse 2.0

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the newish version of the shave horse designed around using a tree fork. This (click and go to the top of the page) is a link to the original version, which succumbed to exposure to the elements, and an explanation for why I built this way. This is actually the way the original concept was supposed to be done, but coming up with a three branch fork was not that easy and I needed a shave horse. Truth be told, the next horse will be like the first one again. You might notice that the work platform, the leather hinge, and the piece to which they are attached are from the first horse. The clamping head is new. The cylinder with the leather loop is for height adjustment to accomodate from 1/2″ to 3″ work pieces.


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WHYY-TV interview

WHYY TV aired this interview with me last August on Friday Feb 15th.  The interview has been posted on the weband hereis the link.


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New Stuff

I will be putting up a page on this site with a list of BOOKS that have guided, influenced, and taught me over the years.  These will all be positive reviews and will include links, if available, to places where the books be can or were acquired.  I will also have a page of NOTIONS, methods and techniques I have pretty much worked out on my own, for green woodworking as well as some home repair.  As I organize my thoughts on these things, I will also be trying to develop teachable materials in order to do some hands-on instruction at some point.

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