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We’ve spent the last 2 Saturdays going to art festivals to see if we might participate in them next year. This is how we usually go about making the decision about an event if there is time. In some cases, we simply have to show up and hope for the best, but when the venue is an hour and a half away, this just isn’t practicale. This year, two new venues were at such distance. The one was very well done but it rained so the crowd was very thin. We will go back again if invited. The other event was pretty much mahem as you might expect for a second year effort. The weather was great but the venue was segregated into several locations which left us literally and figuratively on “The Farm”. We will not be taking the two hour trip to that one again.
Next week, I will be going to a new event for me at the Woodland Ferry Festival. They took a 3 year break from tis annual event but they are back in full swing on September 14. ( http://www.visitdelaware.com/includes/events/index.cfm?action=displayDetail&eventid=19022). Sounds like fun. Here’s hoping it will be the success it has been in years past.


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