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The new year is here. I’d like to take a little of that time to say thanks to those of you who have visited my page over the previous year. I hope you have found something interesting and even informative or useful. It is very gratifying to see the comments as well as the feed-back information I get every week. People from all over the world have found my pictures and musings about woodworking. This is pretty astonishing that I have been able to be a part of the goings-on of so many. Here again I find a great irony that I write about basically primitive hand tools and share this with others using so advanced a form of communication. Strange bed-fellows? Nah. Just the way it is.
Anyway, I hope to continue posting even more of these curious thoughts. I also hope that you will, in your way, have a good, prosperous, and satisfying new year.
Thanks again.


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