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So, this last week was sort of interesting. Along with the very interesting greenwood work I do, I also do handyman stuff involving repairs to older houses and furniture. I have been very busy this late winter and spring and have accumulated a pick-up truck load of debris as well as a shop floor of wood chips, rippings, and shavings. Monday and Tuesday I set about cleaning up the shop, an area in the back of a local barn I rent from some friends of mine. I took about ¼ ton of stuff to the transfer station which included a large bag of wet sawdust and planer chips. Usually I would use the chips for garden fill but this had some salt-treated stuff in it. Otherwise, there was roofing materials and rotten trim from a cornice among other things. I swept and vacuumed and tidied and tossed. Now I can move around and find things again. I have a deal with the folks I rent from; build a replacement window sash for the barn in exchange for rent. I gave them a very good price and the work will ease my cash flow a little. Building sash is not a regular thing for me so this is partly tuition work on my part. It is one thing to have a set of skills developed by repetition; quite another to turn a skill to a new or different purpose/task. I have built my first shooting block, although it works as well as a sawing guide and revisited sharpening. I have decided that sharpening for the shop can have very different methods and means than it does for the work I do at events. Events’ sharpening adequate to working with green materials is different than shop sharpening for seasoned wood. Also, at events, I need to represent historical practices as much as I can. So, I’m back to using wet/dry abrasive paper in extremely fine grits. I also have a nice little polished marble slab to use as a substrate, little being the necessity here. All in all, this past week has been about me for a while. I cleaned up my work space. I did work I wanted, as well as needed, to do and I honed some skills. This next week will complete my “time off” and transition back into real earning work again. Yes, I shouldn’t let the rubbish pile up so much and I need to manage my time more efficiently. Right.  Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do.


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