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Bark Peeling Stand

A friend of mine, who makes folk art walking sticks, needed something to hold the sticks so he could peel the bark with a draw knife. He also wanted to stand while he works. I suggested if it were portable, he could take it to events and incorporate some demonstration into his presentation. It’s a simple platform with treadle clamp. The upright jaw is a piece of 3/8″ square stock with the end flattened and bent. The spring is a piece of osage orange which lifts the clamp when you want to release it for re-positioning. I let the rear bridle joint stick up so it could keep the stick in line. All the main pieces are white oak left over from the last time I needed a new spring pole for my lathe. The brace is a piece of apple. I cut about 4″ off the rear leg to give the table some lift at the working end. The 4″ piece was split in half and hangs from a leather thong (this wasn’t done until later) so it is convenient to place under a crooked stick at the far end to keep the work down on the table











clamp - Copy




The iron clamp is covered with leather to keep it from cutting or staining the freshly peeled stick.






treadle 2



A small osage fork/treadle hangs from the osage spring. The leather allows the treadle to be positioned in the best place to allow the worked to be addressed from the best angle. It also lets you change position as needed or to stand on the other leg when one or the other gets stiff from just holding the treadle down.


The whole contraption can be picked up with one hand. I showed him how to hand a sand bag from the back end if he thought it needed a little ballast to keep it from hopping up when he caught a knot or some tough bark.
Fun stuff; building something to help someone execute their passion.


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