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sharpening revisited

So, I am ever adjusting my means and methods to achieve some accuracy for historical events where we participate. Last week I was discussing sharpening with a friend that does pottery. I had asked her to make a container that I could soak my sharpening stones in to replace the yellow plastic box I had been using. I told her I am using triangular ceramic files which led talking about the practice of using the unglazed bottom of mugs and plates for sharpening kitchen knives and such. She was not aware this could be done but immediately realized it could work, depending on the material. Then she told me about a back step made of slate that had been used for knife sharpening. I had heard of sharpening with slate but had not considered it for my self. Until today. I took a piece of a broken sandstone grinding wheel, soaked it in water, and used the side to grind the surface of a piece of slate I had in the shed. The slate and the sandstone worked to level each other. Voila! My new old sharpening kit; 2 stones + water + leather strop. I tried it on a chip carving knife with good results, then on a scraper with really good results.


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